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Internet Marketing

Written by Gogo Rafajlovski
Friday, 22 January 2010 16:39
In an era in which the quality and speed of information flow is crucial in the survival of individuals and businesses, marketing is experiencing its revival. A rebirth that allows us to promote what we know, we can, we can offer to a larger audience, using as effective a way as possible. And, why, in fact, e-Marketing is becoming a more useful tool for companies? Simply: WHAT THE CUSTOMERS are !!!

· E-Marketing ?! Why Does My Business Need E-Marketing?

Have you ever wondered what most often do the clients or potential customers of your business? Where and how often do they spend their free time? Those who have a younger (in years) target group will surely say: on the Internet! And most of the managers of other businesses will surely confirm that their companies use some form of electronic presence on the world wide web, for a simple and simple reason – their clients and associates require it! And surely this trend will not stop in the near future …

Today, when the quadrature of the shop window and offices is not a measure of the success of a particular company but its online activities, when employees can promote your business with a simple click, and when your “business space” is visible all over the world, we will ask you: do you really want to be anonymous in the world of uniqueness ?!

If the answer is no, then ask yourself what you can do, for your business to be between those companies that your customers prefer and respect.

The next 7 e-marketing activities can significantly improve the performance of your company:

1 – Create a website for your business

Look at the website as a long-term investment, not as an expense. As long as it brings you potential customers – it is your best long-term investment! Ask yourself what your customers want to know about your company and its operation firsthand, and put that information on it. Let the website be informative, simple and easily readable information about the company’s basic parameters and its products and services.

Do not forget to put in contact information, place for questions or suggestions, surveys … if you give clients the opportunity to be involved in the business – they will feel more responsive to your company!


– Activate by Email (Email)

Email is certainly among the cheapest ways of e-marketing nowadays, but at the same time, one of the hacked methods by customers! Therefore, be careful when, to whom and how often you use the possibilities of email.

However, kindly written letter to your partners and customers, quick and timely answering questions on the products’ products, occasional promotion of new products, services and e-catalogs, combined with a previously well-created data base, can help your business has brought that comparative advantage that you desire.


# 3 – Promote and advertise through social networks

With the help of the Internet, social networks like Facebook or Tweeter have huge power of interpersonal advertising and promotion. Enabling the sharing of instant information and activities of your business with other “close” associates, friends and customers gives you the advantage not only in informing, but also in obtaining quick and quality feedback that can greatly help in creating and functioning in general your current and future business activities.

The advantage is that the cost price is minimal, even negligible, and it does not need any greater effort to continuously update the activities.


# 4 – Be present in the web space

The presence of web space involves certain advertising (paid or unpaid) on other websites, portals and search systems, except your own web space. This usually includes “banners” and “links” to your website, from other web sites.

Try to be as presenty as possible in certain segments of the web space where your customers visit more time, whether it’s entertainment portals, information sections, groups of a particular interest, or web space with related and compatible content.

Sharing photographs, videos, audio or written documents (depending on the nature of your business, of course) is easily feasible, and it can be packed as very straightforward in certain cases.


5 – Support “blogging”

Support “blogging” on topics that are relevant to your business and your company. If you do not want to engage in writing, find people or “blog communities” that deal with it and find a form to support them. Although, perhaps the relevance of this type of information is not the most reliable, it can still be useful to most intentions that may be interested in the products you offer.

In any case, you can try to leave room for open discussions on what you offer on your website.


# 6 – Optimization of Search Systems

Search engine optimization implies the representation of your company among the relevant information that your (potential) customers search through various search engines. These may be general systems such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, or regional and local systems that search for content of a specific regional or local character, such as, for example, Is xploringMacedonia, e-Ads, or MakExpo.

By increasing the content of the internet space, potential users are daily looking for relevant and reliable sources of information that will serve them in choosing an appropriate choice of products and services or business partners that will manage to meet their more demanding needs. Expensive or cheap, this kind of representation of search engines certainly will play a more significant role in e-Marketing in the future.


# 7 – e-Coupons, e-Discounts and e-Savings

Although these activities are not completely electronic, they are still highly recommended given that they have quite positive effects with customers and achieve the desired effect of increasing sales in the short term.

The introduction of an electronic payment system now in Macedonia is not an “impossible mission”. If possible, introduce a special system of on-line sales that would include certain discounts, coupons and savings in various combinations that would be eligible for your company.

After all, e-Coupons, e-Discounts and e-Savings and do not have to be strictly related to on-line purchase, you can simply combine them with the package of products / services you offer, through your web site, e-mail, seasonal announcements, or in combination with other marketing activities.

These 7 e-Marketing activities are not sorted by relevance or relevance to all types of businesses. Their choice, combination or the establishment of completely new ones are of particular importance to each company separately, depending on the specifics of each business separately, depending on its immediate surroundings.


Defining Digital Marketing
Written by Kristina Aleksoska
Monday, 11 January 2010 19:13

Digital marketing is another similar term in Internet marketing.The Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) is an institute that is committed to studying his professional qualification. In order to explain the approach to how digital marketing is used, IDM has developed a detailed explanation of it.

Digital marketing encompasses: the application of technology in the form of online channels such as: Internet, email, database and mobile / wireless and digital TV. In order to achieve these goals, marketing activities need to be supported in order to achieve greater profit for customer retention in a multi-channel purchasing process. Apart from the use of these marketing tactics, respecting the strategic significance in the development of digital technology and planning access to users and the transmission of online services, traditional communication is also used by means of e-communication. Retaining those using Internet marketing is achieved by improving the way consumers are informed about a particular product or merchandise, sending various types of messages to their profiles, thus guessing the purpose for which consumers are aspiring and who suit their individual needs .

Let’s now take a look at each section individually from this description that we gave.

In the first part, we have illustrated a range of approaches and means of communication that form online channels that e-marketing uses to build and develop customer relationships. Accesses or hardware platforms include PC, PDA, mobile phones and interactive digital TV, and these contents allow delivery alongside various online communication tools, such as websites, portals and search engines, e-mail, instant messaging, and text messaging . Some also include traditional voice telephony as part of digital marketing. For example, an online bank uses many of these technologies in order to communicate more easily with its customers, normally at the request of consumers, some want to use the Internet, others wireless or interactive television, and thirdly traditional channels.

Svennving in 2007 sums up the growth of the use of this technology.


The other part of the description shows that it should be the technology to get new customers and keep the old ones as existing customers. It also emphasizes how digital marketing does not isolate other technologies, but it is most effective when it is autonomous and not integrated with other communication channels, such as phones, direct mail or face-to-face integration.

The final part of the description summarizes an e-marketing-oriented approach. It shows how much it has planned to achieve success, online access to already existing channels and networks realized by the users of this marketing, choosing the mix of e-marketing and traditional communication. Retaining network users should be based on exploring customer characteristics, behavior, values ​​and keeping them faithful on that web site, and then sending customized messages relevant to web and email communication.


Internet Marketing
Written by Christina
Monday, 11 January 2010 19:12
Lately with a lot of emerging definitions of scientists who defined the term internet marketing. Some of the different definitions help explain the scope of the new form of marketing.

What is Internet Marketing?

” Application of Internet related to digital technology in the traditional communications to achieve the objectives of marketing ” .

Интернет маркетингот може да биде едноставно дефиниран како: остварување на маркетинг целите преку примена на дигиталните технологии. Оваа дефиниција ни помага да сфатиме дека треба да се утврдат инвестициите во интернет маркетингот, а не да се усвои технологијата. Овие апликации вклучуваат дигитална технологија, интернет медиуми, како што се веб-сајтови и е-маил, и други дигитални медиуми како што се безжични и мобилни телефони, телевизијата, како кабелската така и дигиталната. Апликацијата на интернет е поврзана со дигиталната технологија во традиционалната комуникација за да се постигнат целите на маркетингот.

The term ” internet marketing ” refers to how the Internet can be used in combination with traditional media to acquire customer service. Electronic marketing has a wide range of services, as it relates to the provision of digital services through digital media such as email, and electronic customer relationship management systems (d-CRM systems), wireless media, which include the management of digital data.

“Marketing is a management model, responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers and their demand.”

This definition places the focus on the buyer, while at the same time implies the need to connect with other parts of the management to achieve greater profit.

Internet marketing can be used:

– to research and to find out the opinion of clients

– serves as an additional channel of information for buyers with which they can access any part that interests them.

The success of online marketing is reflected in customer satisfaction, which can be tracked through electronic channels, by asking questions through sites that are very easy to use. Also, the sites are a link between people and the physical delivery of the product, whereby the buyer sees and orders it online, and later charges via electronic payment.

A broader definition of marketing is developed by DIBB, Simkin, Pride, Ferrell: ” Marketing consists of individual and organizational activities, in order to facilitate and accelerate the exchange of satisfying relationships in the dynamic environment through the accomplishment of distribution, promotion of goods, service and idea a ” .

This definition is useful because it attracts various marketing activities; it is necessary to achieve “exchange of relationships”, that is, product development, price fixing, promotion and distribution. We will look at the way the Internet affects these elements.


10 Biggest Mistakes in Internet Marketing
Written by Natasha Zatarakovska
Thursday, December 10, 2009 10:51 PM

To work just like Internet marketing, it needs to be properly made. He is very powerful, but we should be careful not to make mistakes. Here are some mistakes that happen most often, and we should avoid them:

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Facebook VS Twitter
Written by Ivana Miceva
Thursday, 10 December 2009 13:36
Given that Facebook is two years more than Twitter, it’s normal that the majority first met the social network Twitter, and even now most of them have become interested in Twitter. Unofficial predictions of pedantic US statisticians say that nearly 18 million of the accounts will be opened by the end of this year.
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Marketing Plan
Written by Svetlana Arsova
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 17:17

Content of the marketing plan . Marketing is a new philosophy of work that puts consumers at the heart of the attention and activities of the overall operation of the enterprise, which should be directed towards it. The company sees marketing as a way of creating consumers, not the production of a predefined product or service.

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Reasons to click on the web sites
Written by Alexander Ananiev
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 16:42
Today there are a large number of e-businesses whose offer is based on the creation of web pages to which content interesting for the visitors is attached. The content is from a variety of areas in order to attract more visitors. If a website has a high attendance, it would be interesting for companies that have an interest in posting ads for their products or services. Website revenue would be greater if the number of clicks on ads is higher. These e-businesses need to understand what are the reasons why website visitors click on published ads. In this article, I will attach several reasons for clicking on the ads.
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Offer of products, refunds and delivery
Written by Katerina Nikolova
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 15:39
Marketing is a key process for leading a consumer-oriented business. The company’s marketing presence is provided by the most often by publishing a website with details of their business. It also includes a description of the company’s main activities, its location and contact details. In this way, potential consumers can use the website to contact the company by interacting with the e-mail system.
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Interactive Marketing
Written by Sanja Nikolovska
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 19:43
Through interactive online computer systems, interactive marketing enables the connection of companies and consumers electronically. In addition, two types of interactive marketing channels are distinguished: commercial online services and the Internet. Commercial online services / companies offer electronic information and marketing services to consumers, with these latter paying monthly fees for their use.
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Direct marketing in terms of marketing communications
Written by Sanja Nikolovska
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 19:41
When it comes to direct marketing, one should bear in mind the fact that it is more than sending direct mail and consumer catalogs through which products and services of companies are promoted. It consists of promotion based on direct reactions by consumers, creating customer-based databases.
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Internet marketing – unique media quality
Written by Zhivanka Vitanova
Monday, 07 December 2009 23:12
Internet marketing is also called i-marketing, internet marketing, internet marketing, or eMarketing, is the marketing of products and services over the Internet.

The Internet has brought the media to a global audience. The interactive nature of Internet marketing, in terms of providing instant response and eliciting responses, is the unique quality of the medium. Internet marketing is sometimes considered to have a wider range because it does not only apply to the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media, but also to managing digital data, customer and electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) systems.

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Banners as a method for internet advertising of the electronic business
Written by Aleksandra Petkovska
Monday, 07 December 2009 20:45
Like any other business and electronic business, there is a need for advertising and promotion in order to present the business itself to Internet users and consumers.
In order to make a certain profit and profit, e-businesses need to present their offer, and this will be achieved through internet advertising. By placing ads on the site itself, and also allowing other web sites to present their products by placing ads on their site, they realize a kind of advertising. These ways are just the few that exist and are used by a wide range of internet marketing.
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Written by Sanja Angjelovska
Saturday, 28 November 2009 22:23
Promotion as one of the basic instruments of marketing is defined in the theory of marketing. It arises, probably, from a wide range of forms of promotion that encompass, on the one hand, information and persuasion of consumers, and on the other, the overall system and process of communication between producers and consumers whose goal is, first of all, to create a favorable opinion for products (services) to accept those from consumers.
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Business cards
Written by Biljana Panova
Sunday, 25 October 2009 16:10
Business cards are a great way to share data for you and your company in case you want to create a network of contacts with potential clients, employees, employers, businesses whose services you want to use. However, the use of printed business cards can be risky .

You, and the people you give your business card, you can lose, you can forget where you put it or you do not have any business cards at the moment you met something significant for your business contact person.

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