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The e-Business Projects portal ( e-biznisi.net ) is an educational tool for all students, high school students, Internet users, entrepreneurs, businessmen and others who are interested in learning the e-business and its application.

The study of the electronic business, which is the main goal of the portal, will be done through the three main sections:

  • e-Business articles. In this section will be published articles about the electronic business divided into categories and will mainly have an informative and educational character. All registered users of the site will be able to publish their articles in the field of e-business useful for other visitors.
  • e-Business projects. The portal will publish instructions on how to step-by-step a simple electronic / internet business. The projects developed within the portal will be able to present and promote in this section. Successful projects will also receive a link from the homepage.
  • Macedonian e-Business. A section in which Macedonian companies and entrepreneurs in the form of news will present their e-business operations. Here, for example, will be presented new online stores, opportunities for electronic payment, launch of a new digital product, implementation of a specific e-Business system, success of a Macedonian company abroad and the like.


Instructions for Registering (Subscription)
All visitors to e-Biznisi.net can become active participants in creating the contents of the portal after registering. Content publishers can be students, high school students, entrepreneurs, companies, but also all other people who want to contribute to the development of the portal, but also in the development of the electronic business in Macedonia.
All content that will be published should be from the field of e-business and written with Cyrillic support, otherwise it will not be published.

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