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This was a first project of the year, we decided to help a business that was into selling android boxes. This was a new type of venture that we have never done before. It all started when the owner Jeff came to us and said that his online sales were very low in the beginning of each year. His business struggled every year and it seems to not change as each year passes by.

We decided to help bestandroidtvbox.com and see if we could boost there sales during there startup phase. At first it seemed almost impossible has January is a very hard time of year for most businesses. Most people do there shopping in December and kind of take a break in January because of the Christmas Holidays. With that in mind, we decided to think outside the box a little and tried to focus on where we could get sales for these Android boxes.

Our first turn was to target people in other religions that do not take part in Christmas. These folks would be more interested in doing shopping in January has they do not do a lot of Christmas shopping in Decemeber. This approach deemed ok in the beginning but it did not last long. Sales grew in the first stages but then dwindled over the next couple months.

Our next objective was kind of a twist of the first one we tried. But this time we decided to target people that were outside of the country that practiced different religions other then Christianity. This would give us a target demographic that may be interested in shopping at that time of year. We also tried targeting people that like things like android tv box.

So has the marketing campaigns progressed, sales started to pick up in countries like India, Thailand, and Laos. So at this point of the game, we have moved pass the hump in the start of  the year. But our goals still continued has we wanted to increase the overall sales of there company website within a certain time frame.

Success in android tv boxes kodi

3 Months Have Passed For bestandroidtvbox.com

Well we hit the 3 month mark, and we can honestly say that we have increased sales in this company by over 200%. This is a significant increase has this company often went into the minus during these tough months. There sales in the kodi android tv box still continue to increase in those markets today, and they have opened up new markets for there future business. All in all, it has been a very successful venture and project for us and them. We certainly Thank them for giving us the opportunity to help there business and .com succeed.

If you know someone that has a online business that has rough months or trouble succeeding. Please by all means let us know. This is something that we love doing, and we certainly have a passion for.

Thank you for reading our post, and we hope to continue to write great post about many of the projects that we intend to complete throughout 2018.


Thank you

Rex Goudie


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